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Frequently asked Questions

Why should I use a managed payroll service?
For UK employers, it is increasingly difficult, and expensive, to ensure compliance with ever changing regulations. By using Value Payroll, you can shift the administrative burden, ensure the reliability of your figures and processes, and free up your time so you can focus on your business. Also, with our competitive pricing, you can save yourself time and money!
Why should I choose Value Payroll?
We believe that our combination of experienced staff, quality service and competitive pricing makes a compelling package. Plus we offer a 1 month Free Trial, and there is no minimum contract period. Whether you are a new employer, tired of doing it yourself, or are looking to switch providers, Value Payroll is the right choice!
How can you offer such low prices?
As our name “Value Payroll” suggests, we understand that our clients are looking for excellent value. We have spent time and effort creating and refining our systems so that we are highly efficient without compromising on quality. We also manage our overheads very carefully and pass these savings on to our clients!
Is it difficult to set things up?
No. Once you instruct us, the process is relatively straightforward. We handle everything from there!